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north west road trip! fucking rain fest - justin bustin' [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
justin bustin'

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north west road trip! fucking rain fest [May. 28th, 2007|06:51 pm]
justin bustin'
[mood |accomplished]
[music |john joeseph spoken word]

what a fucking awesome time! its crazy how much fun you can have in one weekend!

1.had to rent a car to get to portland because the van tires were bald and first blood decided not to play.

2.klye drove the entire way like a fucking sav!

3.we get added last minute to the COA, Death before Dishonor, fight like hell, black my heart show, we played second and fucking tore it up!

4.me and anferny then walked down the street to another club to meet up with the COA dude and watch a band called bad brains! (you may have heard of them) it fucking killed and completed a life long dream.

5.we catch scobra picking a nose and make fun of him through the whole trip saying that he was eating buggers fucking gross!

6.next day we play rain fest and hung out all day with friends from all over cali,seattle,portland,and canada. awesome time and our set fucking ruled! kids got violent, and called us out to play one more song (the song being the integrity cover ha ha)

7. the traz gets big bux and sells almost all our merch. we also got to visit that fucker kellen which was cool because we havent seen him in forever.

9.stopped in vacaville on the way home and went swimming and made fun of scobras back wings.

8.tons of junk food including a $1 chinese food place no joke everything was a fucking dollar. (it was worth the sickness)

now were home and playing with gun smoke and life long tradedy on the first life rules!