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god damn what a week! [Jul. 2nd, 2007|12:35 am]
justin bustin'
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[mood |accomplished]
[music |+44,weakerthans,mad sin]

1. ceremony record release show fucking ruled!
2. was given free front row tickets for +44 (fob,paul wall,and others played)
3. got to see my friend max who i havent seen in forever good times.
4. putting up pictures of yourself with no shirt on your myspace really works its funny.

1.robby low low leaves for sounds of the underground
2.dan leaves with ceremony
3.syg gone on warped tour
4.j-unit goes back to LA
5. i fucking miss my family and friends everyone is on tour or being a roady

ps- I also got dumped via text just to find that my ex had a new BF already lined up ha ha good times! spred the word single and ready to mingle ha ha